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  • March 11, 2020
  • minute read

How Interworks is using the Predictable Success Leadership Styles to scale 

I first met Behfar Jahanshahi when I keynoted the Inc 5000 conference (in 2015 I think - I've keynoted there 4 times and I have a truly awful memory for dates :-).

Behfar's company, Interworks, have now made it on to that prestigious list 10 years in a row. So they've got something very special going on.


Last November, Behfar and his team asked me to keynote their annual all-staff conference in their Oklahoma-based home city, which of course I was delighted to do. 

As always, I spoke about the Predictable Success Growth Lifecycle, and the four key Predictable Success Leadership Styles

And, as often happens, Behfar and his 200+ team grabbed hold of the VOPS (Visionary, Operator, Processor, Synergist) Leadership Styles model and ran with it, not just by having their folks take the Predictable Success Leadership Styles Assessment, but also by using their own core skills (Interworks crunch data to help organizations grow) to build a visually engaging, highly impactful tool which enables them to construct teams that deliver what here in Predictable Success we call HQTBDM (High Quality Team Based Decision-Making).

READ ABOUT how Interworks do this here 

Want to build world class teams that deliver High Quality Team Based Decisions that take your organization to Predictable Success? Find your own Predictable Success guide here.


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