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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • October 15, 2010
  • minute read

Last day to work with me as your personal business growth partner and advisor, for all of 2011 - free of charge 

There are two remaining open slots for this offer which expires today
Friday October 15 at 5pm EDT.

I know you’re committed to making 2011 a growth year for your business, despite the economic environment (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this).I know you want to set a growth plan for 2011, implement it, and achieve it – no ‘do-overs’, no resets, no sandbagging or unrealistic assumptions; no false starts, no arriving at Q3 and realizing it was all built on sand.

I know you want everyone you work with to be enthusiastically aligned around that plan and to do all they can to make sure you achieve it.

I know you want your 2011 growth plan to take account of your business’s weaknesses, as well as its strengths – especially the weaknesses you fear you don’t see.

I know that to design and implement your 2011 growth plan, you need a laser-like understanding of exactly what changes you and your team need to commit to personally, in order to become a resolute, committed, and above all highly effective management team.

I know that you’d love to have a trusted partner work with you on designing and implementing your 2011 growth plan: someone with an outsiders perspective, someone who has advised literally hundreds of other companies achieve their growth goals; a partner who can see around the corners you cannot, who won’t shrink from helping you confront the hard choices you may need to make, a partner who isn’t just an academic, but who has ‘been there done that’ multiple times with their own businesses – who has lived it in the trenches.

And I know that if you’re reading this, chances are you know me well enough to believe that I am that person – the one trusted partner who can do most to ensure that your business stands out in 2011 as having achieved stellar growth in a still-struggling economy.

I also know that you don’t have the same resources you had available two or three years ago to spend on outside assistance in growing your business, and that’s why I’m making this very limited, time-sensitive offer:

Register for my upcoming Predictable Success Accelerated Business Growth Workshop before October 15, and I’ll work with you as your personal growth advisor through 2011, absolutely free of charge.

That’s right – not only will we get to spend one-and-a-half days together at the workshop running a complete CAT-scan over your business, but I will continue to work with you by ‘phone and email for the rest of 2011, helping you implement the detailed growth plan you will take away from the workshop.

Here’s how it works in 2 simple steps:

1. Click here to read about the Predictable Success Accelerated Business Growth Workshop and decide if it is right for you (if you’ve got this far, frankly I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t).

2. Click here to register before October 15 using either the single-pay or 4-monthly payment option.

That’s it! As soon as I’ve received your application I’ll get back to you with your welcome pack for the workshop and confirmation of your 2011 private access to me as your business growth coach for the entire calendar year.

Oh, and just one last thing – for obvious reasons of scale I can only provide this very special offer to a small, select group of people, otherwise I’d be spread too thinly to give you the really detailed hands-on help I’m committed to, so…

This offer is only open for the first 12 people who apply

…once that number has been reached, I’ll be closing this offer – so click here to register today and secure your place.


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