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  • October 11, 2010
  • minute read

How to (really) crowd-source the growth of your business 

Imagine a line of people. A big line of people. A crowd, really.They’re pressing forward against a store entrance, excited, a little anxious, waiting for the doors to open.

In the good/easy scenario (well, everything’s relative, but good/easy will do), you’re either:

(a) The store owner, in which case your job is to fulfill the customers’ expectations and encourage them to make the crowd bigger by bringing their friends;

(b) The owner of a competing store, in which case your job is to do something disruptive enough to make some or all of the people in the line / crowd leave and come to your store; or

(c) You’re right there in the crowd, working them, selling them something that they need (or want, or just like) while they’re waiting for the doors to open (Entertainment? Water? Ponchos? Gold? Replica watches? Mortgage insurance? Lattes? Whatever they need. Or want. Or like.)

In the bad/hard scenario (and here, these words are precisely right), you’re nowhere near the crowd. Instead you’re standing in a deserted byway, squandering your time, money and effort on books, ebooks, teleclasses, workshops and other resources about “How to make a crowd”.

You can go bust trying to make a crowd. The world doesn’t need another crowd. Go fall in front of one of the millions of crowds that already exist. It’s a lot easier.


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