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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • March 3, 2014
  • minute read

Learn How to Get Through Whitewater, Clarify Communications, and Put Predictable Success at Your Fingertips 

We’re ready to help you make the most of March. If it’s coming in like a lion for your business, then you’ll want to be sure to check out the great new resources we have for you below. 

This past week has been an exciting and busy one for Les. He went to New York City to record his latest appearance on MSNBC’s “Your Business”, which aired this morning. (The video should be available here shortly.)

He’s also enjoyed phone conversations with several Atlanta workshop registrants, getting to know more about them and their businesses so that he can customize the content for our March 18th event!

It’s not too late to register, so secure your spot now. Another event you won’t want to miss is our upcoming Whitewater webinar.

There’s so much content to cover that Les has already begun!

Listen to his audio tip – the first in a series of three – below. Lastly, if you’ve been debating which edition of Predictable Success to purchase, we’ve solved your dilemma.

Just wait till you see the opportunity we have for you!

~ Sarah 

Get 3 for the Price of 1! Buy the Paperback Edition and Receive the Audio & E-Book Versions Free

As a professional who’s on the go, you want the tools you need at your fingertips. That’s why we’re very pleased to make this special offer. 

A brand new paperback edition of Predictable Success is hitting the shelves on Tuesday, and we want to put it in your hands as quickly as possible. Here’s how.

Simply order the paperback, then send us an email copy of the receipt, and we’ll provide you with download access to the audio and e-book versions for free!

This way, whether you want to listen while working out, use your e-reader on the plane, or pick up the paperback in your office, Predictable Success will be ready and waiting.

Not only that, the paperback edition comes with exclusive new chapter-by-chapter resources that will enable you to dive deeper into the concepts and gain valuable insights into the best ways to apply them to your business.

Want to order multiple copies for your organization?

We have several great bundle options available for you to choose from.

Help your business achieve Predictable Success, order your copy today! Get Predictable Success here

Register for Our Webinar: How to Get Through Whitewater & In to Predictable Success

After the success of Fun, it’s a jarring experience when an organization enters the unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable stage we call Whitewater. 

Suddenly the improvisation and hard work that served you and your team so well in Fun have stopped working.

It turns out that as your business has grown, so has its complexity. Now balls are being dropped, communications are breaking down, and profitability is strained as you pay to correct the mounting number of mistakes.

What can you do to course-correct and navigate your way through?

Join us for the webinar and find out, simply register here!

Until then, Les will be sharing a series of three audio tips regarding how to restore communications within your organization during Whitewater.

The first tip addresses clarity, and you can listen to it here.

The second tip will be available next week, via our FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter channels. Follow us there to be notified as soon as it’s live.

The third and final tip will appear in our next newsletter.

Want to make your transition through Whitewater as short and successful as possible?

This webinar will show you how. Register for the webinar here

Discover: How We Know Your Business Will Benefit

Why are our workshops ideally suited for you and your organization?

The answer is really quite simple: we make them that way. 

After you register for a workshop, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation for a one-on-one phone call with Les McKeown, himself.

During this 30-minute call, he will learn about you, your organization, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Because our events are purposely kept small, Les will then tailor the content to meet the needs of you and your fellow attendees.

Not only will you obtain expert advice specific to your business, you’ll also have an opportunity to share insights with like-minded leaders.

Discover what a difference one day can make.

Join us in Atlanta or at another of our upcoming workshops!

Reserve a Workshop Spot

Apply: Could You Be Our Next Team Member?

See if our new client delivery support role is right for you or someone you know!

Providing exceptional value to our clients is essential, and we’re looking for someone who will help ensure we continue to do just that. 

From managing all the logistical aspects of upcoming events, to scheduling client-related activities – including on-site visits, phone calls and meetings – this role is perfect for a detail-oriented self-starter.

If you (or someone you know) has a proven record of program/project management and client support experience, enjoys achieving deadlines, and would like a career opportunity with a growing organization, then please contact us. 
Learn more and apply

Listen: Making a Profit and a Difference

Learn how business owners are achieving something remarkable.

When Mark Silver first began working with small business owners, his goal was to help them express themselves through their marketing. 

What he soon discovered was they had much more ambitious goals than that. They wanted to take the passion, integrity and spirit of their enterprise and instill them into every aspect of the business. They just weren’t sure how.

Running a business was overwhelming enough, and it was all too easy for one’s vision to be lost among the details and financial pressures.

That’s where Mark and his team at Heart of Business were able to step in.

Listen to discover how. Hear the interview


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