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How to be a Fool; SFO-BOS; Leadership warning signs | New at Predictable Success 

Well, the new COO and I spent January getting our respective roles and responsibilities agreed, and had fun discovering how not to get in each other’s way.

Unexpected benefits of recruiting a COOIt wasn’t quite as Keystone Cops as it sounds, but as in any relationship shift, it takes a while to get into the rhythm. For example, it took a half-dozen flights together to clearly establish company policy re the use of our respective airplane seat backs (see the graphic illustration of said policy from our new employee manual).
We just got back from a typhoon-laden trip to Atlanta where we delivered the all-new Predictable Success workshop to 37 fine folks in the am, then shared the model with 100 or so of Georgia Tech’s management and business grads.
Also last week we recorded a great interview with one of my business heroes (and client) David Gardner, co-Founder of the Motley Fool; wrote an Inc article that broke page view records; and finalized our next free webinar – all of which you can access below.
More later!

New Workshop Content:
San Francisco Feb 21
Boston, March 21

The new workshop format we’re piloting  has been such a big hit (37 people in Atlanta alone) that we’re bringing it to two new venues.
We’ve split the previous all-day workshop into two half-days: Predictable Success 101 (am) & Predictable Success 202 (pm).
The first workshop covers the basics of the Predictable Success / Synergist model, and the afternoon workshop dives deeper into how to use the model to sell more and grow your business.
The workshops are on the same day, and you can choose to attend either, or both (there’s a discount if you attend both).
And as before, we’ve substantially discounted additional attendees from the same organization to encourage you to bring your team.
Each half-day session is just $250 per person ($100 for each additional attendee from the same organization).
Details of the new workshops are here.
Registration is here.

New Webinar: Working with or for an Operator

New Free Webinar:
Working With (or For) an Operator

Managing (or working with or for) hard-charging, task-oriented Operator-style colleagues can be a roller-coaster experience.
Operators are the ‘do-ers’ in any enterprise – the practically-minded folks that get stuff done. No group or team, no organization or enterprise can ever achieve its goals without Operators on board.
Stick them in a group environment, however, and a different picture emerges. The Operator is not naturally inclined to play well in teams and in meetings – they’d much rather be out on the front line, getting stuff done.
Easily bored by meetings and unimpressed with simply putting in ‘face time’, Operators don’t like to sit around idly, and can usually be found in jobs that keep them on the move or at the coalface.
If you work with or for a Operator – or if you are one yourself (not sure? Check out if you are with this free quiz), you’ll want to register for this free webinar.
More details and free registration is here.

Interview: Tom Gardner, co-Founder of The Motley Fool

Listen: Tom Gardner, co-Founder of The Motley Fool

I’ve watched The Motley Fool since it was founded in 1993 by Tom and David Gardner.

So it was with some delight that I discovered a few years ago that they are big fans of ‘Predictable Success’, and even more delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the company’s senior team.
Recently I spoke with co-Founder David Gardner, and we discussed their changing business model, the Fool culture, and more.
Listen to the interview here.

4 Signs your leadership is about to blow up

Read: New at Inc – 4 Signs You Will Fail as a Leader

Last week’s article at Inc has already received more page views than any other I’ve written.

In the article I write about those leaders who on the outside appear dependable, effective and on top of things, but who, underneath that exterior, are engaging in destructive behaviors that will eventually blow up on them.
Take a look at the four ways in which weak leaders masquerade as strong leaders. Recognize anyone?
Read the article here

$300 off the upcoming Growco Conference in New Orleans

Attend: Growco THE conference for growing businesses

Inc magazine runs what is in my mind the best conference for growing businesses

It’s called ‘Growco‘, and this year I’m co-keynoting with Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Gropup) and John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods).
It’s also a chance to spend 3 days in April, in New Orleans, with 600 other committed business leaders just like you.
I’d love for you to attend – so I’ve snagged a $300 discount for you:
Full details are here


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