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The Flaw in the Predictable Success Workshop - and How Mark Silver Fixed it 

So there I was having lunch at the beautiful Woodmark Hotel in Seattle a couple of weeks ago with TBW Julie Wilson and our new friend, the serene, wise and generous Mark Silver.I had just finished delivering the most recent Predictable Success Workshop (Mark had attended as my guest), and over lunch I was explaining a structural flaw in the format of the workshop:

In essence, I want to share the Predictable Success methodology with as many people as possible (obviously), but the detailed, hands-on work I do with participants on the second day is so customized that I can (equally obviously) only do that work with a small number of people in the room.

I explained to Mark that as a result of this conundrum I’ve historically had to restrict the number of participants to a low number, and in turn have had to charge a relatively high price per participant ($3,500).

Without missing a beat (I think he was actually in mid-swallow, and didn’t spill a drop) Mark said: “Why don’t you split the days?


Split the two days: make Day 1 a standalone teaching workshop with a lower price, and only offer the next day’s customized consulting to those that specifically want it. That way you get to teach Predictable Success to a larger group on day 1, and consult with a smaller group on day 2.

It was such an impressively simple, elegant solution to a problem that Julie and I had wrangled with for almost two years, that I did in fact, kiss Mark. (It’s true. Julie was there to witness it.)

It was also such an impressively simple, elegant solution that I have implemented it with immediate effect. With no need to constrict the number of participants to a very small number, you can now come spend a day with me diving deeply into the Predictable Success methodology, not for $3,500, but for just $975.

You can read full details about the Predictable Success Workshop here, and register here (the next one is on June 9th in the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston – I’d love to see you there.)

Thank you, Mark.


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