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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • November 3, 2010
  • minute read

How a visionary thinks when presented with an idea 

When you’re working with a true Visionary, it can sometimes be really, really hard to get an idea ‘sold’ if they didn’t think of it first.It helps if you understand their underlying thought process:

How a visionary thinks when presented with an idea

Obviously, I’m being humorous here about Visionaries (if not a little offensive). Many of them display much more moderate versions of the reactions I’m showing here.

Truth is, the steps on the right-hand (‘No’) column are almost always taken in an attempt to challenge the ‘not-invented-by-me’ idea to see if it can stand up to detailed inspection – although to those on the receiving end, it mightn’t seem like that (Visionaries being least distinguishable from jerks when debating someone else’s ideas).

The left hand (‘Yes’) column is a simple by-product of Visionary-ness: should there be a less than ecstatic welcome for an idea, or should the Visionary need to get into the weeds on implementation, then often (though of course not always) this leads to a rapid loss of interest.

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