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  • October 13, 2010
  • minute read

Gregg Pollack 

Gregg is the founder of Envylabs,
 which specialize in building engaging web applications and producing top-quality videos and podcasts. A self-professed ‘Hollywood director trapped in the body of a software developer’, although Gregg loves programming he is also passionate about finding new and creative ways to educate using podcasts and screencasts.
“You can view Gregg’s video (referenced in the interview) here.

In this interview Gregg shares:

  • » How his background in computer engineering merged with an ‘entrepreneurial seizure’ to give birth to a business;
  • » The ‘deal’ he did with himself that resulted in launching Envy Labs;
  • » What the first year in Fun has been like;
  • » The skills he needed to learn to move from being a technician to being a business owner;
  • » How he came to make a presentation on ‘Swearing and Consulting’;
  • » The top three things he would pass on to someone starting a new business today;
  • » The importance of managing cash flow in Early Struggle and how he did it in his business;
  • » How to get your pricing structure right from the start;
  • » Why you need to be transparent with clients and how to manage transparency;
  • » How he discovered the power of effective delegation, what to delegate, and what to retain;
  • » How he found really good people to hire;
  • » Why being an educator in his industry has contributed to Envy Lab’s fast growth; …and much more

(Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)

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