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  • October 14, 2010
  • minute read

Gregg Pollack on how to get out of Early Struggle 

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a really impressive video by an equally impressive young man in which Gregg Pollack (for it was he) talks about what he learned in his first year running his own business.As I watched Gregg talking (essentially about getting out of Early Struggle and into Fun) I knew I wanted to have Gregg come join our interview series to share those lessons.

Click here to listen to my interview with Gregg Pollack.

In this interview Gregg shares:

  • » How his background in computer engineering merged with an ‘entrepreneurial seizure’ to give birth to a business;
  • » The ‘deal’ he did with himself that resulted in launching Envy Labs;
  • » What the first year in Fun has been like;
  • » The skills he needed to learn to move from being a technician to being a business owner;
  • » How he came to make a presentation on ‘Swearing and Consulting’;
  • » The top three things he would pass on to someone starting a new business today;
  • » The importance of managing cash flow in Early Struggle and how he did it in his business;
  • » How to get your pricing structure right from the start;
  • » Why you need to be transparent with clients and how to manage transparency;
  • » How he discovered the power of effective delegation, what to delegate, and what to retain;
  • » How he found really good people to hire;
  • » Why being an educator in his industry has contributed to Envy Lab’s fast growth; …and much more

Click here to listen to my interview with Gregg Pollack.

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