The Predictable Success

Dominant Score 

Dominant Score

A Dominant Score is any Predictable Success Styles Profile score higher than 480.

The higher the score above 480 (the maximum is 960), the more difficulty the individual will have in operating in any style other than that style. 

An individual with, for example, a Processor score of 570 (a Dominant Score) may find it difficult to operate in other than Processor mode, and could find it painful to accept that there may be a better Visionary, Operator or Synergist solution to a particular issue.

At the extreme, a very high Dominant Score will often mean that the individual is exhibiting dysfunctional behavior but their Dominant Score is causing blind spots so that they have difficulty in self-diagnosing.

This free course provides more detailed information on interpreting your Predictable Success Styles Profile Scores.

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