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  • March 3, 2013
  • minute read

Getting out of Early Struggle, 2012 book of the year, 15 to follow, Turning vision into reality | New at Predictable Success 

Some of you have emailed asking where my promised list of the best business books of 2012 has got to.

Charles Duhigg: The Power of HabitI confess: I've been vacillating. Truth is (with one exception which modesty prevents me mentioning), 2012 was a pretty poor year for business books. In fact, when I reviewed my 2012 reading list, the only book that had really stuck with me is Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit

Reviewing 2012, I personally got a lot more about leadership, power, and organizational growth from a number of non-business books: Robert Caro's 4th volume in his biography of Lyndon Johnson, for example (if you're a 'big' reader, the entire series is highly recommended); HW Brand's excellent biography of Grant; and (although not a book, per se) almost anything from Melvyn Bragg's incomparable radio series 'In Our Time' (available in podcast form, and excellent for gym workouts).

Your mileage may vary – in fact, I know it did, as so many of you wrote and shared your own favorites. That list will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.

Meanwhile, here's how to have some Fun; rapidly (and radically) accelerate your personal and organizational growth; meet the delightful (and delightfully named) Carissa Figgins; drop some tech fads that are getting in the way, and grab a free summary of 'The Synergist'. Enjoy.

More later!

New Webinar: How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun

New Webinar: 
How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun

Does it feel like your new venture just won't 'take flight'? Are you plugging away month after month, but achieving no momentum and seeing little return?

Are there times when you think that you're the only one who 'gets it', and that great idea you had maybe wasn't so great after all?

Does it feel like you've 'made it' for a few weeks or months before you find yourself back in survival mode all over again?

If so, your business is caught in what I call 'Early Struggle', and I know how to get you out of it.

I've personally been through the startup process 42 times (including two failures), and somewhere around the 20th launch I finally understood precisely how to get any new venture out of Early Struggle and into Fun (the part where you get to sell lots of what you're offering, be profitable and enjoy yourself).

Find out for yourself by attending our next Webinar 'How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun

Individual coaching from Les McKeown

Who are these people? 
…And should you be one of them?

Those charming faces smiling at you from up there are 15 of the actual founder-owners and executives who I've coached in the last 12 months.

They come from large and small companies (1 employee to 20,000 employees), and work in for- profit and not for profit organizations, in service, manufacturing, government and academia.

I help people like them achieve their personal and organizational growth goals, and I use the Predictable Success / Synergist model to do it in a radically accelerated way.

If you face growth challenges, personally and/or in your business, perhaps I can help.

You can read more about how we might work together, and make an initial no-obligation enquiry here.

Or if you're ready to jump in the saddle and get going, you can sign up for one of the 2 open slots right here.

More details and an enquiry form are here.

Immediate sign-up is here.

Carissa Figgins on turning a vision into reality

Listen: Carissa Figgins on Turning Vision into Reality

You might not suspect it from the picture above (or maybe you would :), but Carissa Figgins is one of the most impressive leaders I met in 2012.

Working from a standing start to launch a new venture in less than a year is fearsomely good – doing it when you're facing horrendous bureaucracy is close to a miracle.

Which is pretty much what Carissa has done with her not-for-profit, The Sparrow's Nest, using the Predictable Success model (and a bunch of do-hickey's) to get her there.

Listen to Carissa's story here.

3 Tech trends that are damaging your leadership

Read: 3 Tech Trends that are Damaging Your Leadership

I'm far from a Luddite. In fact, I'm an easily swayed early adopter.

I love technology, and couldn't do what I do without it.

Used unthinkingly, however, technology can have a highly negative effect — deadening a leader's ability to be effective and curtailing the impact of otherwise great leaders.

In a recent Inc article I outlined the three most egregious examples I see daily of technology being used wrongly or unthinkingly.

Read the Inc article here.

Grab free copies of these excellent Soundview Summaries of The Synergist

Grab: Free 8pg Soundview summary of 'The Synergist'

If you’ve read ‘The Synergist‘ and would like to spread the word amongst your colleagues, then this is a great resource with which to do just that.

I’d like to get these (free but limited) copies into the hands of those groups and teams who would best use them.

So if you’d like copies for your team, simply complete the simple form at the page linked to below. I’ll review all responses personally, and we'll mail out copies (at our expense) to the most deserving:

Grab your copies here.


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