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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • June 22, 2010
  • minute read

Free webinar, free resources… 

Just two quick reminders today:1. If you’re relatively new to Predictable Success, or you haven’t yet heard me explain the Predictable Success principles to growing your business, you’ll want to hop on this free 30-minute webinar I’m giving this Thursday:

Click here for details of the upcoming free webinar on the principles of Predictable Success.

It’s being hosted by my friends at BrandManageCamp – wait for the page to load, then click on the link beside my name that says ‘Attend’. (Ignore the big button that says ‘Save $500 by…’ – that’s in reference to their annual conference, not my webinar, which is free).

2. If you’ve bought a copy of “Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There” recently, you’re entitled to access up to $3,995 of free resources – here’s how to get ahold of them:

Click here to find out how to access the free resources for owners of ‘Predictable Success’

That’s it for today – short and sweet!


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