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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • September 7, 2010
  • minute read

Don't confuse 'niche' with 'profitability' 

Startups and micro-businesses in Early Struggle should have only one goal – get out of there (and into Fun) by finding a sustainable, profitable market for your product or service.So why do so many startups fail to do this? One reason (not the only one, but one of the most common): they confuse ‘profitable’ with ‘niche’.

‘Rare’ is not the same as ‘valuable’. Sometimes ‘hard to find’ just means ‘little interest in’. ‘Niche’ does not automatically equate to ‘profitable’.

If you’re delivering a niche product or service, questions 1 through 99 on your business growth checklist are all the same: “Is this niche capable of delivering long-term sustainable profits to my business?”


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