Do Scale Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8: Building a Machine for Decision-Making


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In this chapter, we looked at how the first step in developing High-Quality Team-Based Decision-Making is to build a machine for decision-making.

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Chapter 8 Resources

ARTICLE: The Single Largest Unused Resource In Your Organization

The org chart is an unloved document. No-one believes it, it’s unlikely to be up to date, and unless a merger or acquisition is in the air, it rarely sees the light of day.

In this article, we outline two things you need to do to turn your org chart into an effective machine for decision-making.

Read the article here.

ARTICLE: Do You Have A Machine For Decision-Making?

Do you have a machine for decision making, or just an org chart?

Find out by reading this article.

ARTICLE: 5 Ways Your Org Chart Is Strangling Your Culture (And Your Organization)

Ever sense that your company’s culture is degrading for no apparent reason? 

That after years of working as a tight, highly engaged team, your people seem increasingly detached, almost disaffected – even though on the surface, little appears to have changed in the business?

Take five minutes and run a quick self-assessment on your own org chart, and ask yourself honestly – how many of the items outlined in this article are you prone to?

RESOURCE: 6 Steps to Transform Your Team into a Decision-Making Machine

Each person in your organization makes anywhere between 70 – 100 non-trivial decisions a day.

Download the workbook '6 Steps to Transform Your Team into a Decision-Making Machine' to learn how you can make sure the decisions your team make are high quality, right & what your organization needs

Download The Workbook Here


ARTICLE: How To Make Good Decisions As A Team

Success in team-based decision-making is built on the mundane and in this article Les outlines the rhythm of successful team-based decision-making.

Find out more in this article.

ARTICLE: Symptoms Or Solutions? (Getting To The Root Of Stalled Growth)

When executive leaders reach out to us, it’s usually because they are looking for a way to jump-start their business, division, department, project, group or team.

In this article, Les outlines the five most common reasons they give me for calling or emailing in the first place.

Find out more in this article.

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