Do Scale Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9: Developing Scalable People


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In the previous chapters we've seen that the key to scalability is developing the skill of High-Quality Team-Based Decision-Making and that in order to do so we need to build a machine for decision making.

And in this final chapter we provided you with the five golden rules for operating the machine for decision-making.

To access the tools for Chapter 9, simply click the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 9 Resources

INTERVIEW: Dave Brandon, CEO Of Domino’s Pizza On Building An Indestructible Culture

Dave Brandon is a truly fascinating guy – a brilliant leader, articulate, thoughtful and genuinely insightful.

Dave knows how to grow a business, and as he shares in this interview, he knows how to keep it out of Treadmill too – an unusual trait in a Fortune 500 exec.

Dave’s ‘exit’ interview is one of the best discussions on achieving (and maintaining) substantial business growth that we’ve had on the Predictable Success series

Access the interview here.


In order to adopt the leadership mindset, you must adhere to the Enterprise Commitment.

There are times, however, when you are likely to slip back into your natural Visionary, Operator, or Processor style. Use this worksheet to identify potential hotspots and how you can proactively prevent them from causing you to revert back to your natural style.

Worksheet: Enterprise Commitment Hotspots 

Tool: Enterprise Commitment Flashcards

Distribute these Flashcards to your team – and keep a copy handy for yourself as well – as a reminder of the Enterprise Commitment. 


The Enterprise Commitment is the 20 most powerful words in leadership.

In this article, we dive deeper into the logistics of what it means, specifically in the context of a senior executive team.

Read the article here

INTERVIEW: Jason Mitchell

Jason serves on the Strategic Leadership Team and gives directional oversight for LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) Church. LCBC has seen exponential growth over the years and has 15 locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

In this interview you'll hear Jason share how his organization achieved remarkable scale through both organic growth and mergers. 

Access the interview here.

RESOURCE: Building A Highly Effective Team

Even when a team is assembled from the best and brightest within an organization, there’s no guarantee that everyone will work together effectively.

Download this workbook to discover the underlying factors involved and the steps to take to overcome them.

Download the workbook here.

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