Do Scale Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Scale versus Growth


Do Scale-3D

In this chapter, learnt that there are two types of growth - exponential and linear with the key difference between the two being their primary focus.

Once you know and understand the basic difference between the two: Exponential Growth (scaling - with its focus on maximizing market share) and Linear Growth  (organic growth), it's time to decide which type of growth you want. 

To access the tools for Chapter 2, simply click the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 2 Resources

ARTICLE: 3 Fundamental Shifts You Need To Make To Scale Your Business

Growing your business is fun -- but if you stay stuck in fun, you'll never get the scale that could make you great.

In this article, Les reveals the top three areas in which he sees leaders hobble their organization's growth by failing to recognize the need for a personal change in perception.

Read the article here.


Listen to Les on the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast talking about the difference between growing organizations and organizations that are ready for scale. The two often get confused, and just because you’re growing doesn’t mean you’re ready to scale.

Les shares the keys to scale, which, coincidentally, also reduces the stress the senior leader and entire team feel. Getting bigger doesn’t mean getting more frenzied. Often, it’s the opposite.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

VIDEO: How To Be A Predictable Success

Les has intuitively identified the 7 stages that every business will go through. Some stages you don’t want to be in. And some you want to stay in forever and a day. Priceless knowledge.

Watch the video below:

BLOG: Is Your Business In A Straitjacket?

In this blog post Les shares the straitjacket he sees larger organizations strapping themselves into when attempting step goals.

Read the blog post here.

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