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CHAPTER 7: Overcoming Failure



Everyone fails – what really matters is how you deal with it.

In this chapter, we examine how to plan for the possibility of it, recognize it when it happens, the steps you should take to manage it, and how to learn from it so you don't repeat the same mistakes. 

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Chapter 7 Resources

articles: Figuring Out Failures

Oftentimes when strategies fail, it has nothing to do with the strategy itself. Rather the problem lies elsewhere. In these articles, we explore some of the other factors you should consider before pulling the plug.

Article: 3 Reasons Good Strategies Fail

Article: Why so many new product and service launches fail

articles: Doubts and Denial

Admitting you've made a mistake is difficult. But staying in a state of denial only leads to worse consequences. 

In these articles, we examine how to protect yourself from common leadership pitfalls.

Article: How to know when you've made a strategic blunder

Article: The 3 things business leaders get in denial about

Article: How to tell if you're losing your mojo

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