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Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible.

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Leadership isn’t an elite act. We can all, any of us, lead at any time – and more of us should be than are. 

In this book, you’ll learn what it truly means to lead, and how to do it (if you want to). In the first part of the book we’ll demolish the 4 myths that have paralyzed leadership in our modern era.

You’ll learn that leadership is often mundane, that it can be undertaken by anyone and that true leadership happens every day, not just at times of crisis. In the second half of DO/LEAD/, we provide you with the tools you’ll need to be an impactful leader: The mindset required; the basic leadership toolkit; techniques for dealing with the (inevitable) failures, and a guide to how to get started.

Our goal is that by the time you’ve finished the first half of this short book, you will decide that you too can lead – and make a real difference in whatever your sphere of influence; and that part two of the book will give you everything you need to make a poignant start.

If you’re already a leader, this book will help reignite your passion for leadership and give you a fresh perspective – as well as some new tools to make your leadership even more effective.


"...you can talk to Les for 5 minutes and it can save you 5 years."

I wish I'd had Les McKeown as a mentor earlier, especially in the crazy days of growth

To say Les knows his stuff is a huge understatement. He is a leading expert in his field. This runs in his blood. There is some serious gold here.

You can talk to Les for 5 minutes and it can save you 5 years. He will get you to think strategically about your growth by teaching you the questions to ask.

DO/LEAD/: Table of Contents


  1. What Leadership Is, and Where It Happens
  2. The Four Leadership Styles
  3. How (and When) to Lead

4. Everyday Leadership

5. The Mindset

6. The Skill Set

7. Overcoming Failure

8. Lead The Way

Meet Les McKeown

Les McKeown is the Founder and CEO of Predictable Success, and the author of 'DO/LEAD/: Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible'.

Les first began to recognize recurring growth patterns early in his career as a serial entrepreneur.

In addition to being involved in the launch of more than 40 companies before he was 35, he was at the same time a founding elder in a fast-growing church, while serving on the board of a number of charities and not-for-profits.

Les used the experience he gained during that time to co-found one of the first business incubators in the world, which he and his then business partner developed over a decade into a multi-national consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Struck by the similarity of issues faced by all growing organizations, Les began to codify his understanding of the repeating patterns of growth, publishing his Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller "Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track - and Keeping It There" in 2010, followed in 2012 by "The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success", in 2014 "Do Lead: Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible" and in 2019 "Do Scale: A road map to growing a remarkable company."

Les is a trusted advisor to fast-growth SMEs and thriving not-for-profits as well as Fortune 500 companies and a number of the largest government agencies in the world.

Les McKeown, Founder and CEO of Predictable Success

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