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CHAPTER 5: The Mindset



In this chapter, we explore the leadership mindset and how it must be primarily goal-oriented, not people-oriented.

The best way to invoke this mindset is to use the Enterprise commitment: 

"When working in a team or group environment, I will place the interests of the enterprise ahead of my own."

This means you must also protect against indulging your own personal desires and preferences. The way to do this is to transcend your natural style and adopt the Synergist mindset.

Here are some resources that can help.

View each of the tools for Chapter 5 by clicking on the resource names below.

Chapter 5 Resources

Tools: Enterprise Commitment Worksheet & Flashcards

In order to adopt the leadership mindset, you must adhere to the Enterprise Commitment.

There are times, however, when you are likely to slip back into your natural Visionary, Operator, or Processor style. 

Use the worksheet provided below to identify potential hotspots and how you can proactively prevent them from causing you to revert back to your natural style.

Worksheet: Enterprise Commitment Hotspots

Distribute the Flashcards below to your team – and keep a copy handy for yourself as well – as a reminder of the Enterprise Commitment.

Tool: Enterprise Commitment Flashcards 

articles: Memo to a New Executive Team Member

The Enterprise Commitment is the 20 most powerful words in leadership.

In this article, we dive deeper into the logistics of what it means, specifically in the context of a senior executive team.

Article: Memo to a New Executive Team Member

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