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CHAPTER 4: Everyday Leadership



This chapter opens with some of the greatest acts of leadership that have taken place in recent decades.

What's important to note is that in each of these cases, the individuals had made small, regular deposits into their 'leadership banks', so that they could make a large withdrawal on the day it became necessary.

The chapter goes on to examine the importance of having a consistency of purpose if you want to make a difference in the world. 

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Chapter 4 Resources

ARTICLES: Make Every Day Count

It's all too easy to allow daily demands to pull your focus away from larger goals and even blind you to potential opportunities.

In these two articles, we provide specific steps to ensure that you give yourself the time and space necessary to pursue the success that you are seeking.

3 Ways Great Leaders Make Every Day Count

How to Be a Leader Who Makes a Difference

articles: The Rhythm & Steps to Leadership Success

One of the challenges of being an effective leader is figuring out how to overcome failure and get yourself  and your team back into the game.

This article shares strategies to help you do just that:

Finding the Rhythm of Success

If you wish to master your leadership skills, here are some tips you can put into practice immediately:

21 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Breaking a Sweat

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