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CHAPTER 3: How (and When) to Lead



You do not have to be the de facto leader of a team to engage in leadership. In this section, we examine why it's so beneficial for organizations to tap into the high-quality leadership that's lying dormant within their groups and teams and precisely how to do so.

We also explore how team members can identify opportunities to step forward and lead from within and the 5-step process that will ensure optimal success.

To access the resources for Chapter 3, simply click on each item in the links below.

Chapter 3 Resources

ARTICLE: 3 Reasons Your Team Is Underperforming

Hiring the right people is only the first step in building a successful team. Leaders must also create an environment where individuals are able to perform at a high level.

In this article, we examine three ways to make that happen.

Read the article here.

Webinars: Establishing Your Place of Authority

If you want to make a meaningful contribution and you're not the de facto leader of a team, then you will want to be sure you are speaking from a place of authority within you.

This begins with identifying your leadership style and then getting to know the specific strengths you bring to the table. This way, you will know which areas of the discussion present the best opportunities for you.

And if you wish to learn more about your Primary Leadership Style, then you can do so with these courses within our Online Learning Center.

Visionary – How to be an Exceptional Visionary Leader

Operator – Working with (or for) an Operator

Processor – Working with (or for) a Processor

Synergist – Working with (or for) a Synergist 

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