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CHAPTER 2: The Four Leadership Styles



In this chapter, we explore why some individuals are natural-born leaders while others must cultivate the skills to become them.

It's important to note that there is not just one leadership "type" - rather there are actually four styles. The key is to identify which one is most natural to you and to learn when/how to use it.

View each of the tools for Chapter 2 by clicking on the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 2 Resources

ACTIVITY: Leadership Styles Quiz

Discover which of the four leadership types best describes you by taking this quiz. Before you do, here's a brief overview of the styles. (Note: some people are more than one.)

Visionary - Are you a charismatic big-thinker who quickly becomes bored by minutia and is driven by a need to create? 

Operator - Perhaps you're a hard-charging, task-oriented 'do-er' who is passionate about getting things done.

Processor - Do you have an innate desire to bring order to any situation? Do you prefer to turn to facts and figures rather than emotion and judgement when making decisions?

Synergist - Are you skilled at reading and relating to people? Do you put the needs of the group before your own?

Take the quiz here

WORKSHEET: Exploring The Leadership Styles

The book offers several real-world examples of each of the four leadership styles.

This worksheet contains a series of short exercises to further illuminate their characteristics, as well as help you identify their presence in your day-to-day environment. 

Worksheet: Exploring the Leadership Styles

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