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CHAPTER 1: What Leadership Is, and Where It Happens



In this chapter, we address the leadership myths and misconceptions that permeate our culture.

Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that true leadership happens all the time, almost anywhere you look. Best of all, anyone can lead – including you.

To access the tools for Chapter 1, simply click the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 1 Resources


Before you dive deeper into Do Lead, please take a moment to fill out the short worksheet below. Record your initial thoughts on what you hope to gain from reading the book.

While you will certainly benefit from executing the exercises in these worksheets on your own, one of the big pieces of feedback we regularly receive is how much people gain when they discuss it in a group setting.

Whether it’s the team you work with, a book group or any other group, discussing and debating the concepts in Do Lead will draw out even more of the good stuff than simply working through them on your own.

Click here to access this resource.

ARTICLE: 3 Signs You're Meant to Be a Leader

Just as heroic leadership dominates our cultural narrative, certain behavioral traits are seen as signs of strong leadership.

In this article, we explore why looks can be deceiving and how truly effective leaders actually perform.

Read the article here.

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