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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • June 21, 2015
  • minute read

Dive Into Summer: Must-Reads, Tips and More 

Summer has officially begun here in the northern hemisphere. To celebrate, we’re sharing our best suggestions for how to make the most of it.We even have some great (and surprising) reading recommendations from our faculty!
~ Sarah

10 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

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If the dog days of summer seem to sap your productivity, you’re not alone. Between holidays and vacations, there’s always at least one key team member away, which often leads to project delays. Rather than waiting for fall to roll around, why not use this opportunity to get ahead of the game and also treat yourself to activities you otherwise wouldn’t. Here’s how to begin.

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Ensure Q4 Is the Best One Yet for Your Business

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After wrapping up a terrific workshop this past week in Washington, D.C., we and our partners at Inc. are excited to bring the Predictable Success Acceleration Program to San Francisco. Taking place September 29th and 30th, this workshop will give you the specific strategies your organization needs to succeed in Q4 and beyond.

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Look Inside the Leadership Mindset

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Whether you’re already a leader or striving to become one, developing the appropriate mindset requires training. Just as professional tennis players practice returns so they can respond quickly and appropriately, leaders must consciously learn to do the same. In this video, Les McKeown offers two tips that can help.

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Try These Summer Reading Suggestions

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If you’re wanting some great summer titles, then look no further. We asked our Predictable Success faculty to each share two books, one for business and one for pleasure. What they gave us is a wonderful, eclectic list that has something for everyone. We hope you will enjoy it and tell us some of your suggestions as well.

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