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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • June 2, 2014
  • minute read

Discover the Danger of an Inner Circle, Overcome Your Leadership Obstacles, Get a Ticket to Tuesday's Deep Dive 

Could one of your leadership tools be costing you? This week, you’ll learn why your inner circle may be causing more harm than good. We’ll also be sharing new resources to help you enhance your leadership effectiveness, regardless of your position.
Les McKeown spoke to a packed house at Inc.'s GrowCo event. longdesc=
Les McKeown spoke to a packed house at Inc.’s GrowCo event in Nashville last week. There were over one thousand in attendance, each of whom received a copy of the newly released ‘Do Lead.
Les’ talk was well-received, and his deep dive that followed was standing-room only. We’d like to extend our thanks to all who attended and to Inc. for putting on another great event.
If you’d like the opportunity to join Les for a leadership deep dive, you’ll have your chance this Tuesday, June 3rd. Here’s how to get your ticket!
~ Sarah

Attend our Invitation-only webinar, here's how

Reserve Your Spot:
Two Exclusive Leadership Webinars

Catch the replay of our What It Means To Lead webinar and get your ticket to our invitation-only deep dive, taking place Tuesday, June 3rd.
When it comes to leadership, Les McKeown has so many valuable tips/tools to share that he couldn’t begin to cover them all in just one webinar. That’s why we have two great opportunities for you:
– Watch the webinar replay of What It Means to Lead and How You Can Do It, where Les examines key concepts and strategies for leaders of every level.
– Obtain Your Ticket for our invitation-only June 3rd event, during which Les will be diving deeper into specific leadership tools and techniques you can begin using immediately. He will also be answering your leadership questions.
Here’s how to secure your invite

Listen to our interview with Simone Bernstein, a remarkable leader

Leading a Volunteer Revolution

Hear how Simone Bernstein transformed an obstacle into a leadership opportunity that’s now benefiting thousands.
When Simone was twelve, she decided she wanted to give back to her St. Louis community by volunteering. Her attempts were quickly thwarted, however, as each organization she approached said she was too young to contribute.
This setback sparked an idea that has since grown into a thriving non-profit that’s helping thousands of teens across the United States to match their talents to organizations who can benefit from them.
Hear how Simone and her brother launched VolunTEEN Nation, the innovative way in which it’s led, and how your organization can join in their efforts.
Listen to the interview here

Get help with your leadership obstacle here

Need Help With a Leadership Obstacle?

Tell us what it is and you could receive an answer in our next issue.

If you’re new to our newsletter, this feature enables readers to send in questions about a specified topic to Les McKeown.
After careful review, one lucky person will receive an audio answer to their query in a future issue.
Here’s our latest question:
“The biggest obstacle keeping me from leading is ___________.”
Submit your response here

Discover why you should disband your inner circle

Disband Your Inner Circle or Pay the Price

Hear a hidden danger of relying on a core group within your company.

Having a trusted colleague you can turn to for straight talk is extremely valuable. This person can encourage you, challenge you, and help you to achieve great things.
However, when you gather a group of these internal colleagues around you, it almost always gives rise to a new dynamic – one that could end up costing you something you truly don’t want to lose.
Read the article here

Want to win a set of Do Lead cards? Enter our contest!

Stack the Leadership Deck in Your Favor

Enter our daily Do Lead Facebook page contest here.

How would you like to have your very own set of leadership cards? All you have to do is answer five deceptively simple questions on what leadership is about, and you could be our next winner.
Helpful hint: Reading ‘Do Lead’ makes it much easier to win. (Download Chapter One for free right here.)
Good luck!
Enter the contest here


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