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  • January 20, 2014
  • minute read

Discover Productivity Pointers, the Potency of Pausing, and a Sneak Audio Peek of Predictable Success 

Hope you’ve been having a productive month. If not, we’re about to share several tips that can help!
Pre-order the enhanced paperback edition today! longdesc=
Before we get to those, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening at Predictable Success. Les finished the final edits for Do Lead this week, so it’s now in the publisher’s capable hands.
The paperback edition of Predictable Success, with exclusive new features, is off to the presses in preparation for its release in early March. If an audio book is more your style, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it will be available in March as well! Want an exclusive first listen? Download a chapter here.
Now, back to those productivity tips… Les is sharing his five favorite tools, as well as ideas to help your business. We also have an interview with François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of Wisconsin’s School of Business, in which he shares his secrets to managing a top-tier school while simultaneously revolutionizing the way students are taught.
Lastly, be sure to sign up for this week’s live webinar, Optimizing Your Time in Fun, where you’ll learn how to save time and trouble while navigating this stage and beyond.
~ Sarah

Interview with François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business

Discover the Potency of Pausing

As a leader, how can you keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and stay on top of strategic initiatives/goals?
This was just one of the many challenges François Ortalo-Magné faced when he became Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
François recently spoke with Les about how he transitioned from managing people to managing a team of leaders. He reveals how the language of Predictable Success has enabled his team to better understand and communicate with one another, as well as how it helped to identify a key player who they needed to hire.
Les and François also examine the importance of “taking a pause” so that necessary functions wouldn’t grind to a halt, but François could stay focused on what mattered most. Specifically, developing a whole new teaching paradigm for the school that would lead to even greater success for its students.
Wondering what you can learn from the dean of one of the nation’s preeminent business schools?
Listen to our interview here

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In this webinar, we will explore the intricacies and dangers of this dynamic stage of growth. From the three ‘must-dos’ for every organization that wants to get the most out of Fun, to the reasons why some team members enjoy this stage while others do not.
We’ll also examine how to determine whether you’re in late Fun, with Whitewater looming, and the one question you should ask to determine whether to take the plunge forward, or retreat back to mid-Fun.
We hope you will join us on January 23rd for this live event! (If you won’t be able to attend, be sure to still register and you’ll automatically be notified when the replay is available.)
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Bring along team members and together you will learn how to conquer the specific challenges you’re facing, as well as how to prepare for what comes next.
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Read Les' interview in Productive! Magazine

Productivity Pointers

In order to be an effective leader, you must master the mundane of day-to-day activities.

The first step toward achieving this is to identify a productivity system that will work for you.
If the enormous number of potential options has you bewildered, start with these five tools Les suggests in his recent Inc. article.
Once you’ve freed yourself from the distractions of information overwhelm, you can turn your attention toward refining how you run your business.
Nozbe CEO Michael Sliwinski spoke with Les about this and much more in the latest issue of Productive! Magazine.
Read the interview here

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Is there a challenge or issue that you wish Les could address on your behalf?

This week, we’re opening up our newsletter queries and quick tips just for you!
In past issues, Les has answered questions ranging from how and when to hire, to strategies for motivating team members.
He’s also examined the best ways to maintain a profit margin when new competitors keep popping up with lower prices.
Now it’s your turn to pose a question. Tell us, what is it that you would like Les’ help with? Your question could be answered in our next newsletter!
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