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  • December 7, 2011
  • minute read

Dan Burrus knows how to see the future 

Dan Burrus is a strategic adviser to Fortune 500 executives and with John David Mann he is the author of the book ‘Flash Foresight‘, How to See the Invisible and do the Impossible”. He is also the founder of Burrus Consulting.

Flash Foresight

Dan takes the concept of looking into the future and applies seven key principles that he says can help you see ahead of the curve and navigate a solution before the rest of the world even sees a problem coming.

When you hear Dan explain his methodology in this interview, you’ll agree that he fervently believes in its efficacy. And by drawing on examples like JetBlue, Kiva, Netflix and Crocs, his book, ‘Flash Forward‘, makes a strong case that “flashes of insight about the future” are a key to successful innovation.

Take a listen, and see if you agree. I can certainly recommend the book, which goes beyond the usual suspects in most business books, and includes fascinating stuff on innovation within such diverse environments as struggling urban school districts, deep water oil drilling and pediatric dentist offices.

You can listen to my interview with Dan here, and get a copy of ‘Flash Foresight’ here.

If your email client supports it, you can click here to listen directly.


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