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  • September 21, 2010
  • minute read

Controlling the action hive 

Here’s what today looks like for you:

Here's what your day looks like

Anyone in a senior position in an organization will have between 20 and 35 materially important decisions and communications that together comprise their output for that day – I’ve represented each one above as a dot.

Front line employees will typically have more ‘actions’ – up to 50 or so, but each will usually carry lesser weight in terms of being ‘materially important’.

Averaging that all out to say 25 materially important actions per person, here’s the action hive for a small 10-person business:

action hive for a small 10-person business

And for a 100-person business:

action hive for a small 10-person business

And for a 1000-person business:

action hive for a small 10-person business

…you get the idea. That’s a lot of materially important actions.

Here’s the question – whatever the size of your business, on a daily basis, what does that ‘action hive’ add up to?

Is it taking you closer to your organization’s overall vision, mission, goal, or whatever you want to call it? Or ore you just playing ‘flockball’ – you know, like the young kids’ soccer team – a mass of bodies moving in a semi-random brownian motion as everyone just ‘follows the ball’?

During the rest of this week, I’ll share ways to control your action hive to achieve the desired result of getting closer to you overall organizational goals, but in the meantime ask yourself – does your action hive produce this:

…Or this?


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