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Will you help me choose the cover design for my new book? 

As you may already know, my new book, “Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization Back On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There” is being published next year by Greenleaf Book Group, and I’d really appreciate your help in one of the most important aspects of book marketing – choosing the cover.Below this text you will see four alternate covers for “Predictable Success”. If you were thinking of buying a book on growing your business (or your organization, division, department, project, group or team), which of these would most inspire you to pick it up?

To vote, simply type the number of the cover you prefer into the ‘Leave a Comment‘ box (below,) together with any comments you might have on colors, images used, fonts – anything at all you think might help us make the cover even better.

Win a Free Signed Copy of ‘Predictable Success’
I’m giving away signed copies of the book to 25 (randomly drawn) people who vote for the eventual winning cover. If you would like to join in, just enter your name and email address in the boxes below.

Click on any cover to see a larger version.
cover option 1 cover option 2
Cover 1
Cover 2
cover option 3 cover option 4
Cover 3
Cover 4


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