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  • April 14, 2013
  • minute read

Casey Graham; Hardest Skill for a Leader; Weddings & Webinars | New at Predictable Success 

Just back from a busy two weeks. First in Oxford, England for my eldest daughter’s wedding, then New Orleans for the Inc Growco conference.Rebekah and Les entering the church
No question as to which event had me more nervous – you’ll rarely see me ascend a speakers platform looking as concerned about not screwing up as you can see in the picture at the right.
It was a magical day, and as I’m sure all you fathers can appreciate, filled with emotions I was ill prepared for 🙂
More on the Growco conference in the next newsletter – it was great to be co-keynoting with Richard Branson, John Mackey and many others, and New Orleans of course contributed in its own unique way.
Today we have a couple of webinar announcements, great stuff from the inimitable Casey Graham, the hardest skill you’ll ever learn as a leader, and some news of an upcoming development…
More later!

Now Live: The Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner Program

Upcoming Webinar: 
Becoming a Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner

If you’ve been following the launch of the Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner Program but aren’t sure if it’s right for you…
…then you’ll want to register for our upcoming webinar “Becoming a Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner.
Just go here to register . You’ll receive a copy of the program brochure right away,  and we’ll email you details of the webinar early next week.
(If you’ve already registered your interest in the program, we’ll automatically send you the webinar details early next week – no need to re-register.)

New Webinar: How to get out of Early Struggle and into Fun

Webinar Replay Available:
How to get your business out of Early Struggle and into Fun

We had a great time last week on our latest webinar, “Getting out of Early Struggle and into Fun“, AKA “Getting viable – and staying that way.”.
I’ve personally been through the startup process 42 times (including two failures), and somewhere around the 20th launch I finally understood precisely how to get any new venture out of Early Struggle and into Fun (the part where you get to sell lots of what you’re offering, be profitable and enjoy yourself).
Now you can find out how to do this for your business by accessing the webinar replay right here.

Casey Graham, founder of The Rocket Group

Listen: Casey Graham on Leading as a Visionary

Casey Graham is one of those people made for leadership.

He’s also a natural born business grower. He was recently named as Infusionsoft’s ‘Ultimate Marketer’ for what he has done with The Rocket Company, his fast-growing Atlanta-based business.
In this interview you’ll hear Casey discuss how he got started in business; what it’s like to be at the helm of a rapidly growing business, and how he has worked to understand and control his Visionary leadership style.
Listen to my interview with Casey Graham here.

New at Inc: Hardest Leadership Skill You'll Ever Learn

Read: Hardest Leadership Skill You’ll Ever Learn

Every great leader faces a multitude of challenges every day.

I’ve worked over the years with leaders on all of the challenges above–and many, many more.
But surprisingly, the skill that I see more leaders struggle with more than any other is relatively mundane (but very important): the ability to work with their team as an equal. To be “merely” a resource, rather than the team leader.
It’s a tough skill to learn, but not impossible. Here’s how to do it:
Read the Inc article here.


Meet (soon): Our New Director of Coaching

I suspected this would happen. Just maybe not so quickly.

…after fifteen years of adamant determination not to hire any employees, earlier this year I capitulated and my son David joined me as COO. (By the way, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t let him know this was the best business decision I’ve ever made).
Now it appears the floodgates have opened. Well, if you define a flood as one more person.
I’m absolutely delighted that in our next newsletter we’ll be introducing you to our new Director of Coaching… stand by 🙂


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