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Cameron Herold: The perfect person to get you to Predictable Success 

I wish I’d had Cameron Herold in my back pocket twenty years ago.The former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK and founder of “The Backpocket COO”, Cameron is precisely the type of person who is ideal to take an organization out of Whitewater and into Predictable Success.

Since building the company from $2 million to $105 million in six years, Cameron has been advising other entrepreneurs on how to do the same, and along the way has developed a stunningly insightful understanding into exactly what’s needed to rapidly grow a business.

I had the good fortune to interview Cameron recently, and now you can hear him talk in detail about the secrets to business growth in the latest interview in our series:

Click here to listen to my interview with Cameron Herold

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from Cameron:

  • » The key success factors he discovered in rapidly growing 1-800GotJunk;
  • » What he got ‘maniacal’ about, and why – and the difference his mania made;
  • » Why he had to replace almost the entire senior management team to rejuvenate 1-800GotJunk’s growth;
  • » The dawning realization that he also had to replace himself – and how he dealt with it;
  • » The single most pressing personal challenge he faced in growing his businesses and how he overcame it;
  • » The recurring patterns he sees in the entrepreneurs he coaches, and the most common mistake they make;
  • » How entrepreneurs can overcome Whitewater and the importance of timing in doing so successfully;
  • » What it means to “let the learner create their own gap” – and why it’s vitally important;
  • » How to achieve your goals by “reverse-engineering” them;
  • » What he learned from an Olympic coach in 1998 and how it changed his life;
  • » What his ‘painted picture’ is, and how it has dramatically accelerated the attaining of his key goals;
  • » How he helps entrepreneurs through his business “The BackPocket COO”;
  • » What’s next for Cameron and his company “The BackPocket COO”;

Click here to listen to my interview with Cameron


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