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Bucket List; Jim Collins & Ray Odierno; Shawn Hunter; Do Great Things | New at Predictable Success 

I'm sure, like me, you find that some weeks you grind it out, and some weeks are a blessing. In my case, this week was a blessing –  I got to check off three items on my professional 'bucket list':

My new iMac does a vulcan mind meld with the old workhorse...
First, I got to spend an evening sharing the principles of Predictable Success with the top 20 executives from a Fortune 10 company. (Client confidentiality prevents me from saying who, but it's a company I've long wanted to work with.)

Second, I was asked to share a stage later this year with one of my personal heroes, Jim Collins (of 'Good to Great' and 'Built to Last' fame) – details are below the fold.

And third, I finally got to upgrade my beloved but increasingly cranky old Mac – the one on which I wrote both 'Predictable Success' and 'The Synergist' – with an all-new Quad-core Intel, 1Tb Fusion-drive, 3.9Ghz, 27" iMac (that's it sucking the innards out of my old Mac above). Proof, if it was needed, that yes, I'm a nerd.

Lots of great stuff this week, so let's get right to it….

Come hear Jim Collins, General Ray Odierno and Les McKeown at the Inc 500 conference in Washington DC

Collins,  Odierno,

Join Les, Jim Collins and The Chief of Staff of the US Army in DC this October

I'm delighted to be one of the featured keynote speakers at this year's Inc 500 conference and awards ceremony, in Washington DC this October.

Why don't you come and join us? The sessions will be excellent, and you'll get to meet the founders, owners and managers of some truly outstanding businesses – plus we'll get to hang out.

You can read more details (and register) here.

Is coaching right for you? Find out here

Develop yourself and/or
your team:

How to know if coaching is the right next step for you and/or your executive.

Coaching individual leaders and executive teams constitutes about one third of all that we do here at Predictable Success.

Now, with the appointment of Julie Wilson as Head of Coaching, our coaching capacity has increased by 50% – meaning that if you think coaching might be right for you, we'd like to talk.

Read here to see if coaching might be right for you and/or your team.

Listen to this Interview with Shawn Hunter, Executive Producer & Vice President for Leadership Development Channel at Skillsoft.

Shawn Hunter: What Makes an Exceptional Leader

Few people have been face-to-face with as many great leaders as Shawn Hunter.

As VP of Leadership Development for Skillsoft, he's met and interviewed just about everyone – and  worked out what makes the great ones tick.

Listen to our interview here

New article on Inc - 5 Steps to Achieving Great Things

The 5 First Steps to Achieving Great

Ever have that sinking feeling that you're not achieving to the level you know you can?

In this week's Inc article, I outline the 5 simple steps you can take to kick your performance up from merely 'good' to truly

Read the Inc article here

Predictable Success in its second printing

Predictable Success Now in Second Print: Special Offer

We just received the second print run of Predictable Success (new cover above).

That means we've sold all 15,000 of the first print run, which is pretty neat.

To celebrate, we're making a very special offer to you – For 2 weeks only:

Grab the special offer here


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