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Big news (for me), that time again, BOGOFF, decision-making | New at Predictable Success 

Well, I said I’d never do it. And now I’ve gone and done it. Hired somebody, that is. In 1998, when I sold my 120-person consulting firm and moved to the US I said ‘Never again‘ – it’s tough enough helping other people with their business growth problems without having my own.
Predictable Success appoints Dave McKeown as incoming COOBut now I’ve got myself a COO! (Or I will have when January 1 rolls around), and he’s a very special person – my son, Dave (that’s him at the right, standing in a very high wind by the look of him).
Dave is currently a consultant with Accenture, and a very fine young man. I’m delighted he has asked to come work with me, and I count it a privilege to have him. I’m sure you’re going to hear more from and about him in the months and years to come. If you’d like to read more about Dave, you can do so here, and if you’d like to drop him a word of congrats, feel free to send him an email
Enjoy this week’s updates – and the rest of your weekend. I hope we talk soon:

Join this elite group - 2 spaces only

Want in? Here’s how to join this elite group

I can personally coach only a small group of growth-oriented leaders (that’s a few of ’em in the picture above).
This quarter I have openings for just 2 more people who would like to receive personal, one-on-one coaching from me on how to grow their organization (for-profit or not-for profit), division, department, group or team.
If you think this is something that might be helpful for you, you can read more details and/or register using the links below:
Full details are here
Registration is here.

Good Grief. Can it be that time again?

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Europe, celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary (yay!).
And guess what will be in full swing when I return? That’s right – preparations for the Annual Predictable Success1-Day Nearly-at-Christmas Workshop in Manhattan.
On December 6th we’ll be holding our fourth annual NYC intensive, this year right in Rockefeller Center where the picture above was taken. Why not join me?
Full details are here
Registration is here.

Buy a copy of 'The Synergist', get a copy of 'Predictable Success' free!

Ahem – Do Let Me Explain…

When I owned the Pizza Hut master license for Ireland I learned the importance of BOGOFFs.

It stands for ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ 🙂 (Old hat, of course, to those of you in retail)
And right now we’re offering a BOGOFF all of our own – buy a copy of ‘The Synergist’, get a copy of ‘Predictable Success’ free! Couldn’t be easier
Get your copies here.

The golf swing analogy to making better decisions

How to Make Great Decisions
Every Time

In this week’s Inc column I describe the process all great decision-makers use.

Investigate – Interpret – Implement. Or, for you golfers (or tennis players) out there, backswing – point of impact – follow-through.
The article is an abbreviated version of the 3I decision-making process I detail in ‘The Synergist’, and you can read it here.

Webinar - Working for a Visionary

Webinar Replay ‘Working with a Visionary’

Over 400 people jumped on this week’s webinar on working with (or for) Visionaries. 

It’s one of my favorite topics, and working with Visionaries is one of my favorite things to do, so I ended up with much more information than I could cram in to the time
You can hear the results – and some great questions at the end – by listening to the replay here.


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