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  • August 2, 2010
  • minute read

August is your secret weapon 

Most businesses generate waves of activity in September – new initiatives, new programs, playing catch-up for Q3, trying to get an early start on Q4…it’s like watching a feeding frenzy in a piranha tank, or the traffic jam of hundreds of runners at the start of the Boston marathon when the flag goes down. For the very same reason – that avalanche of ‘new’ – it’s also extremely difficult to break through the noise in September: it’s hard to get yourself noticed, to get on peoples’ radar – because everyone os so busy with their own ‘new’, they don’t have time to hear about yours.
Canny businesses use August as their secret weapon: preparing themselves – and their targets – to be positioned right where they want to be come September – up front with their buyers, prospects, clients and customers.
What are you doing in August to put yourself ahead of the pack when the marathon starts in September? Or will you just turn up at the starting line and hope you can elbow your way to the front?


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