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Here are some guidelines to bear in mind when you are completing your self-assessment:

Relax and enjoy

This isn't a test, and there are no wrong answers. No-one is trying to trip you up. There's no 'gotcha'. This is just a simple exercise to see how you view yourself.

Later, your view of yourself will be compared with those of others, to identify your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots (if any). Simple as that.

Be honest

There's no point kidding yourself when you complete your self-assessment - it defeats the purpose to answer the questions as you wish you were, or as you hope you can be on sometimes.

If you don't input honest answers, you won't receive useful results, simple as that.

Don't let single events cloud your responses

Take 10-15 seconds per question to think on each aspect of your management style you're being asked about. Focus on your intuitive response to the underlying issue, not just on a recent example.

Say, for example, you're being asked about your ability to communicate effectively in times of stress. Maybe you handled the last example of that happening very well, or very poorly.

Don't let those single events cloud your response unduly. Put them in context of your attitudes and actions over the last few years, and answer accordingly.

Lean to the intuitive, not the analytical

This is the other side of the coin of the previous point. Although we do recommend you think through your responses to the questions in the light of your overall experiences, not just one or two isolated events, it is important to give precedence to your first intuitive reaction to the question - so long as it isn't overly clouded by any single event, your intuition is probably right.

Don't ask others

Your self-assessment is just that - a self-assessment. Other people will get the chance to give their views later in the process. If you're not sure about your response to a specific question, move on and come back to it later - you'll be surprised how your subconscious will have dealt with the issue in the meantime.

Complete the assessment in a single sitting

Don't fill in parts of the self-assessment and come back later to finish it off. Don't print the assessment out and carry it around for a day or so before completing it.

Your subconscious will play all sorts of tricks with your self-image while mulling over those questions.

Understandably, we all want to have as rosy a self-image as possible, so to get the most honest responses, sneak up on yourself - sit down in front of the screen, fire up your assessment, and move on 🙂

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