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360 Assessment Tool

Harness the power of 360-degree feedback to unleash your leadership skills and accelerate your personal growth!

We've selected these assessments to specifically enable you to better attain Predictable Success in your organization, department, division, team, or in your personal activities.

We have designed some of these assessments ourselves, others we've endorsed as complementary to the Predictable Success methodology.

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What Type of Leader Are You?

Are You a Leader Who Makes a Difference?

Capitalize on the opportunity to see yourself as others see you, and use the insights as a springboard for your leadership growth and development.

The Predictable Success Leadership 12 Assessment is based on eight leadership abilities that are demonstrated by outstanding leaders.  

360 Assessments

Predictable Success 360 Assessment 

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Path to Predictable Success

How Close Are You To Predictable Success?

Take this simple assessment to find out where your organization, department, division or team is on the path to Predictable Success. This assessment is free of charge to members and non-members alike.

What's Your Predominant Management Style?

Take this simple online assessment to find out what your predominant Predictable Success Management Style is.

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