360 Degree Assessments

Providing an objective framework for identifying performance gaps, developing self-awareness, confidence and motivation.

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360 Assessments

Utilizing Your Predictable Success Assessments

The effective use of well-designed 360 degree assessments is a great tool for accelerating Predictable Success.

We've selected specific assessments to enable you to better attain Predictable Success in your organization, department, division, team, and in your personal activities. We have designed some of these assessments ourselves, others, we've endorsed as aligned with the Predictable Success methodology.

Below Are Some Articles To Assist You In Getting The Most Out Of Your 360 Assessments:

View / Order Predictable Success Assessments

Click here to view full details of all of the Predictable Success assessments, and / or to order your personal assessment. You can also find out how to receive one free assessment per month as part of your Predictable Success membership . . .

Why 360's are Vital in Achieving Predictable Success

In over 20 years of coaching owners, founders, CEO's and managers into Predictable Success, I've come to believe that a 360 leadership skills assessment - when effectively used - is a vital step to on the path Predictable Success. Here's why... 

Completing Your Self-Assessment

The first step in the 360 process is for you to complete your self-assessment. Here are a few guidelines on how to do so effectively... 

Advice For Managers and Supervisors

If you are the manager or supervisor of someone who has been asked to undergo a 360 assessment, you have a lot to contribute to the success of the process. Here's how to contribute effectively to your employees assessment and the subsequent analysis of results... 

So You've Been Asked to be a Rater...

Acting as a rater for someone undergoing a 360 is an important responsibility. Here are some tips on how to be a truly effective rater... 

How To Read Your Predictable Success 360 Report

At first glance, it may look a little daunting, but your Predictable Success 360 Leadership report is actually very simple to analyse. Here's how... 

Maximizing The Results From Your Predictable Success Leadership 360

Congratulations! Now you've completed your Predictable Success 360 Leadership Assessment, here are some tips to help you maximise the results 

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