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Les McKeown's Predictable Success Blog

  • December 27, 2018
  • minute read

Unlock your competitive advantage. 

In this video, Les McKeown examines the seven stages of growth and occasional decline that any business will go through regardless of size or industry.

Because each stage impacts organizations differently, you can obtain a significant competitive advantage simply by knowing which of the seven stages you’re currently in.

In fact, it’s only by being aware of where you are on the growth cycle that you can truly tailor your strategies (and direct your team) to make optimal decisions for future growth.

Watch the video and then use the resources below to determine the next steps your organization needs to succeed.

Additional Resources:

7 Stages of Predictable Success





– Identify which stage your business is currently in using this simple quiz: LifeCycleQuiz.com
– Download a free chapter from Predictable Success here.
– Order your copy of Predictable Success here.
– Watch the The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success webinar here.
– Watch the Predictable Success for Mission-Based Organizations webinar here.
– Discover how to put your organization on the fast track to sustainable success here.


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