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  • June 1, 2014
  • minute read

Simone Bernstein on Changing the World One Teen at a Time 

Hear how Simone Bernstein transformed an obstacle into a leadership opportunity that’s benefiting thousands of teens and organizations across the U.S.

When Simone was twelve, her father was deployed overseas in the military. She appreciated how he was giving back to his country and decided she would like to do the same for her community. However, when she attempted to volunteer, she was told she was too young to make a difference. Little did she or those organizations know just how fortuitous this setback would be.

Now ten years later, Simone – along with her younger brother – is leading a thriving non-profit called VolunTEEN Nation. In the last year alone, their website matched over 75,000 young people with volunteer opportunities across the United States.

Volunteen_Nation In this interview, Simone shares how this innovative organization got off the ground. From how she first approached potential partners in her St. Louis community and dealt with the repeated rejections they received, to the city-wide success that led teens from around the country to ask if the website could be expanded to include opportunities in their area.

Hear what Simone has planned next – including her surprising leadership strategy – and how your organization can play a part in the success of this amazing army of teen volunteers.

To learn more, visit the VolunTEEN Nation website.

(Running time is approximately 17 minutes.)

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