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Cross-functionality is the third Predictable Success Scaleability Imperative.

There are 13 such Imperatives, which together comprise the Predictable Success Scalability Matrix.

All 13 of the Imperatives must be functional in any organization in order for it to get into, and stay in the Predictable Success Growth Stage


Cross-functionality is the third of the 13 Predictable Success Imperatives.

It forms part of the ‘Growth side’ sub-set of Imperatives (i.e. it is one of the six Imperatives that must be addressed when an organization is in Whitewater and wishes to transition into Predictable Success.

left growth side imperatives

The Growth-side Imperatives

Cross-functionality is pre-pended by the Org Chart and Lateral Management Imperatives (ie effective Cross-functionality requires both those Imperatives to be operating functionally first).

The Alignment and Empowerment Imperatives are dependent on Cross-functionality (ie both those Imperatives require Cross-functionality to be functional before they can be worked on).


In the context of Predictable Success, Cross-functionality is defined as:

The ability of the organization to work across functions and between silos, at all levels, in an organic, natural manner.

5 Key Factors

Each Predictable Success Scalability Imperative comprises 5 Key Factors, each of which are required to ensure the Imperative is functional.

For the Cross-functionality Imperative, the 5 Key Factors are:

Cross-Functionality 5 Key Factors

Team Mandates

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The Enterprise Commitment

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VOPS Balance

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4D (Decision-Making) Process

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Core Competencies

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Checklist / Self-Assessment

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Download this checklist to quickly self-assess how functional the Cross-functionality Imperative is in your organization:



Watch Les McKeown give a quick overview of the Cross-functionality Imperative (5′ 46″):

Workshop Materials:

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Download the DECK for our one-day workshop on the Cross-functionality Imperative

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Download the PARTICIPANT GUIDE for our one-day workshop on the Cross-functionality Imperative

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