Do Scale Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7: HQTBDM — The (Sleep-Inducing) Secret to Scaling


Do Scale-3D

In this chapter, we reminisced how exciting it is to scale an organization and how some of us can't get enough of the excitement it creates

But with all that, the actual hard work of scaling is in reality, mind-bogglingly mundane.

To understand the true secret of scaling, it's vital to first see what is going on under the hood in the early stages of organic growth, not least, because as we discovered our 'secret of scaling' is in fact the antithesis of the 'secret of organic growth'.

To access the tools for Chapter 7, simply click the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 7 Resources

CASE STUDY: How Interworks Is Using The Predictable Success Leadership Styles To Scale

In this case study, learn how Behfar Jahanshahi and his 200+ team at Interworks construct teams that deliver what we call HQTBDM (High Quality Team Based Decision-Making).

READ ABOUT how Interworks do this here.

CASE STUDY: Uber: What Just Happened (And Why They're About To Blow It)

Through aggressive marketing and an unsavory leadership culture, Uber had almost reached the holy grail of market dominance: the equivalization (I know, not a word, but you know what I mean) of their company name with their industry’s core activity.

But then mistakes were made that left a market-dominating, still-fast-growing, but brittle organization struggling to do the right thing in terms of attaining Predictable Success – making the difficult move from dark-side heroic leadership to High-Quality, Team-Based Decision-Making (HQTBDM).

READ ABOUT the challenges Uber face here.

WEBINAR: High-Quality Team-Based Decision-Making

In this webinar, Les outlines the 6 steps to transform your team into a decision-making machine.


There's a lot about scaling an organization that's hugely exciting.  

In these articles, we provide specific steps designed to help you scale your business.

What’s Your ‘Speed To Clarity’? 

21 Indicators That Your Team Has Got What It Takes To Scale 

3 Fundamental Shifts You Need To Make To Scale Your Business

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