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  • December 19, 2011
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Case Study: David Moore – Pella Corp 

David Moore

​ As a senior business executive, I believe that my job is to
meet the challenges of the future as much as those of the

To have the skills to do so, I’ve always laid great importance on constantly extending my personal and professional development.

Last year I realized that I had ‘plateaued’ in my development, and I decided that it would be of great help for me to work closely with an executive coach for a while.

Having known Les McKeown for seven years through his work elsewhere in my organization, and having had an opportunity to watch him ‘in action’ on many occasions, I had no hesitation in signing up for his Predictable Success Executive Coaching Program – and I’m delighted that I did so.

My coaching experience with Les is a consummate coach. He educates without being prescriptive, communicates without judgement, and most importantly, facilitates the development of solutions in a collaborative, socratic manner that brings out the best in you as an individual.

I received coaching from Les over a six month period, during which time we met face to face on three occasions, in addition to monthly coaching calls which typically lasted between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the topic.

Our coaching sessions were highly productive: first, Les would follow up on the outcomes from our previous call – holding me accountable for the actions I had agreed to take as a result of our previous discussion. Next we would move into the topic for the current call This is where Les’s coaching ‘magic’ comes in: he always seemed to know the exact questions to ask to get me to think about issues in a new way, and consistently pushed me to analyze the situation for myself and arrive at my own potential solutions.

Occasionally if I was struggling for clarity Les would steer our discussion back on course, but more often than not Les ensured that I ‘held the reins’ in our discussions, thus heightening my sense of ownership for the results. Always, our coaching sessions resulted in me having a greater understanding of myself, why I acted the way I did, and what would be best for me to do in a given situation. I found Les’ coaching skills invaluable in my development – specifically, his ability to succinctly (and quickly) get to the heart of any issue; his profound, deep knowledge of how business, organizations and executives work, and the vast number of experiences he can call from in sharing best practices elsewhere.

Perhaps the greatest benefit you will receive from entering into
a coaching relationship with Les is his complete commitment to
your personal and professional development. Les will confirm you in your strengths and abilities, build your confidence and
extend your existing skills considerably. At the same time, he
will not shirk from telling you the hard things you need to hear, confronting you with the barriers to your personal development and challenging you to see your own blind spots.

“If you’re even slightly considering hiring an
 executive coach, do yourself a favor – hire Les McKeown.”

I’m very glad I joined Les’s coaching program – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and I’m a better manager as a result. Les helped me ‘kick-start’ my personal and professional development in exactly the way I needed, and I learned valuable managerial skills that I will use for the rest of my career.

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David Moore, Director, Trade/Commercial/Corporate Accounts and International Business, Pella Corp

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