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December 27, 2018

Could this core leadership issue be plaguing you? 

Even the strongest of teams cannot succeed without having an overall goal in mind. Does yours have a clear sense of what it is they’re working toward? In this audio clip from Business InSanity Talk Radio, Les McKeown and Barry Moltz examine the role alignment plays in an organization’s success. Listen as they share the specific steps needed to pinpoint your purpose and effectively communicate it. They also suggest ways to strengthen how individuals can contribute toward achieving it. From redefining what it means to lead within your organization to encouraging not-so-random acts of leadership. Note: The discussion of alignment begins at the 5:32 mark of this 10 ½ minute audio.
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  Additional Resources: – Align your team and achieve increased efficiency/productivity through our Peak Performance Program. – Download a free chapter from Do Lead here. – Order your copy of Do Lead here.


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