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  • September 30, 2010
  • minute read

Clint Greenleaf 

Clint is the CEO of. Greenleaf Book Group, one of the fastest-growing companies in America and one of the Inc 500. Clint speaks at conferences and seminars across the country and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur. He is also a writer for Inc.com and a regular guest on the new Fox Business Network. ‘Predictable Success’ was published by Greenleaf Book Group, and is the most recent of their nine Wall Street Journal bestsellers.
In this interview Clint shares:

  • » How a bet and a case of beer made him a best-selling author instead of a CPA;
  • » What led him to launch Greenleaf Book Group;
  • » How the business has panned out compared to his original goals;
  • » What his #1 personal calling is;
  • » Why (and how) he broke the traditional publishing model;
  • » How the ‘big’ publishing houses reacted to his market entry and what he did about it;
  • » How his role has changed as CEO over 13 years;
  • » Why he views hiring as the most important function;
  • » His #1 management tip;
  • » What makes Greenleaf different from ‘traditional’ publishers;
  • » Client’s view on what it takes to have a best-selling book;
  • » How he sees the future of the publishing industry, including the impact of eBooks;

(Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)

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