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Braden Kelley 

Braden is an MBA from London Business School
who works with British, German, Japanese, and American companies to increase their strategic innovation. His web site, Blogging Innovation is one of the most highly respected innovation resources on the internet. His new book, Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire:A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose is on sale now.
In this interview Braden shares:

  • » How his early career in technology led to a lifelong interest in strategic innovation;
  • » What led him to launch his own innovation consulting business;
  • » How he uses blogging to build his consulting business;
  • » What the role is of his website in building a consulting company while providing great content;
  • » How to make sure your new products and services don’t end up in ‘Blandville’;
  • » What led him to write his new book, “Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire”;
  • » How and why organizations lose their ability to be innovative;
  • » What your ‘innovation engine’ is and how to keep it in good working order;
  • » The role of organizational psychology and structure in sustaining innovation;
  • » How organizations lose their innovation ‘mojo’;
  • » Why all managers in growing companies need to understand their role in keeping their organization innovative;
  • » The best role for an ‘innovation manager’ inside an organization; …and much more

(Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)

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