Can I Record my upcoming webinar with Les McKeown?

Yes! You can purchase recording and replay rights for your upcoming webinar or livestream with Les. Read on for more details, or click the link below to purchase your recording rights on this page.

What to know about purchasing recording / replay rights:

Why do I need to purchase recording / replay rights?

Your upcoming 'live' webinar / livestream with Les McKeown contains his intellectual property, just like one of his books.

Recording the webinar and making the content available on demand is the equivalent of purchasing multiple copies of one of Les's books -

...and just as we know you wouldn't even think of photocopying his book without permission or payment, so you wouldn't want to record and distribute your webinar without reasonable compensation :-)

How much do recording / replay rights cost?

You can buy recording with replay rights either for one year, or for lifetime access. 

Recording with replay rights for one year costs $1,500 for each 'webinar hour' (E.G a 90-minute or 2-hour webinar will cost $3,000 for one-year replay rights.)

Recording with lifetime replay rights  costs $3,000 for each 'webinar hour' (E.G a 90-minute or 2-hour webinar will cost $6,000 for lifetime replay rights.)

If you are purchasing replay rights for a series of webinars, you will need to purchase  the TOTAL RUNNING TIME of the series. E.G. For a series of 4 x 1-hour webinars, adjust the webinar hour units to '4'.

What's included?

We'll provide you with a copy of the webinar recording (or if the webinar is hosted by you, give you permission to record it), available to you for the period you have purchased (I.e. one year or lifetime access).

We'll also provide you with a copy of the associated deck and / or handout.

You can make these available to your employees / members etc for the period of access you've purchased.

What's Not Included?


Purchasing replay rights DOES NOT give you permission to charge for access to your replay.

 If you wish to sell access to this replay, don't use the form on this page - instead, you will need to contact us and request pricing for a resale license.

Complete this simple form to purchase your recording and replay rights:

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