Mislaid (or Not Received) Your Predictable Success Leadership Styles Results?

Here's what to do:

Wait for at least 30 minutes  after you have completed the quiz.
The quiz algorithms are complicated, and it can take this long to write your results to our database.  generate the results and email them to you.

After 30 minutes has expired. search in your inbox, spam, junk and trash folders for our email to you with the subject line:  'Your Predictable Success VOPS Styles Profile results are here!'

Waiting 30 minutes and searching inbox and spam using the subject line above will retrieve your results 99.9% of the time.

If after 30 minutes has expired you still can't locate the email, we can resend your numerical results (but not the detailed results email - we don't keep a copy of that) - just enter the email address you used to take the Quiz below and hit the big green button - if we have a set of results for that email address, we'll re-send them to you:

IMPORTANT! It can take up to 30 minutes to generate your results report and email it to you. If you request them to be resent within that time period, you will receive incomplete information in return.

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