Treadmill Recovery Program

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The Challenge:

Your business is ultimately maintaining status quo. When you put your foot on the gas, the business doesn’t move as fast as you would like.

Product launches, additional service offerings and innovation is too difficult to get off of the ground because of bureaucracy and an over abundance of systems and process.

You can easily think back to a time when your organization thrived on creative contributions and innovative decision making. Now, both seem to be absent from critical decisions.

Day-to-day operations revolve predominantly around handbook policies and rigid process with limited flexibility to move outside the lines.

Good employees (maybe even founder entrepreneurs) are frustrated with the tight hold procedure has over progress and may be considering an exit strategy.

The Predictable Success Treadmill Recovery Program will help you to:

  • Identify a process for allowing creativity back into decision making without compromising policy
  • Establish a plan for executing changes effectively in a quicker manner through controlled risk taking
  • Enhance leadership skills and accountability throughout all levels of the organization for a stronger culture

The Program:

  • Designed for any organization with sessions for C-Level and Senior Management
  • Seats up to 30 participants – additional program delivery is optional to accommodate larger teams
  • Takes place over the course of eight months through both on-site and off-site consultation

Treadmill Recovery is a highly interactive program driven by your specific needs. You will be paired with one of our consultants, all of whom are highly skilled and experienced in applying the Predictable Success model to any organization’s individual situation. Through their many years in the field, they will adapt their teaching and ongoing assistance around the feedback provided by you and your team.

By the duration of the program, you can expect to have:

  • A clear understanding of why creativity may be slipping in your meetings and a realistic plan for fixing it
  • A cohesive, repeatable method for ensuring your business doesn’t slide back down away from the optimal state of Predictable Success

Interested in Learning More?

Download our free guide on how to get started – including an in-depth look at the eight month scope of work in its entirety.

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