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Chapter 12: Making it Work: Implementation


We are now into the third and final stage of the 3-I pattern of effective decision-making and implementation, implementation.

Investigation -> Interpretation -> Implementation

The important behaviours to develop for this stage are:

  • Consensuality
  • Communication
  • Accountability

And we saw that it was the Synergist’s job to draw out these behaviours from the V,O and P in the group rather than let them retreat to their natural stance.

The resources for this chapter will help you assess your team’s strength in the implementation stage, create an action plan to improve that help your team stay focussed on the right stage in the process at the right time.

Use the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 12 Resources

Worksheet: The 3-I Pattern

All Synergistic teams will develop at some point this pattern of effective decision-making and implementation:

Investigation -> Interpretation -> Implementation

The following exercise will help you define your team’s ability to work through these phases.

Click here to download the worksheet.

FLASHCARDS: 3-I Flashcards

Cut out these flashcards and give them to everyone in your team. Have everyone display the appropriate flashcard when you are in that phase of the process.

Eg When you are investigating have everyone display the investigation card.

Only when everyone has agreed that you can move on to the next phase should you do so. At the same time have everyone display the appropriate card for that phase

Click here to download the flashcards

Assessment: Implementation Stage

Use this assessment to identify your team’s areas of strength and weakness in the Implementation phase of the 3-I pattern.

Click here to download the assessment

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