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Chapter 9: Starting Fast, Finishing Strong: The lifecycle of a highly successful group


In Chapter 9 we saw the difference between organic and constructed teams. We saw that an organic team will go through seven stages on the Predictable Success Lifecycle and that the makeup of the team will change as it progresses along that path.

We also saw that in a constructed team, there are certain partnerships that work better depending on the task at hand.

These resources will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Predictable Success Lifecycle, will help you assess the makeup of your current team and create an action plan for rebalancing the VOPS mix.

Use the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 9 Resources

resource: Predictable Success

Predictable Success is a business growth methodology developed by Les McKeown, the President & CEO of Predictable Success.

Specifically, it is:

  1. The ‘peak’ stage of development for any group of people, be it an organization or a division, department, group, team or project – where they can consistently (and with relative ease) achieve their common goals; and

  2. A simple, intuitive and universal business growth process that any leader or manager can employ to get their organization, division, department, project, group or team to the stage of Predictable Success – and keep it there.

Click here to find out how to get your own free copy of the book.

Worksheet: The Organic Team

Teams often develop in an organic form, particularly when groups of people come together to solve a common problem. When this happens the group will go through the lifecycle outlined in the chapter.

 If you’re in a team which has developed organically, this worksheet will help you assess the mix of your team and what you may need to do to rebalance the VOPS mix.

Click here to download the Worksheet

Activity: The Constructed Team

Not all teams develop organically. Most teams in established organizations are put together for a particular goal or purpose.

The advantage of this is you have the opportunity to bring together the right members of the group at the right time to maximise the chance of the group’s success.

This activity will help you to plan the makeup of your next team.

Click here to download the Activity

Article: Why Visionary Leaders Must institutionalize their V-ness (and how to do it)

Having a Visionary leader is necessary to get a business on the path to Predictable Success and having one lead the business through its growth can be advantageous.

The key for any successful Visionary is not to become the sole embodiment of V-ness within the organization but to embed it.

In this article Les explains how a Visionary leader should institutionalize their V-ness.

Click here to access this article.

Take the Synergist Styles Quiz

Are you a Visionary, an Operator or a Processor – or a mix of each? Find out what your personal style is by taking The Synergist style quiz (it’s free).

Click this link to be taken to the quiz – and don’t forget to use the option on the final screen to send your results to me for a free detailed analysis.

Interpreting your VOP-S Scores

An in-depth analysis of your scores from our Leadership Styles quiz.

Once you’ve taken the Leadership Styles quiz, and received your results, watch this short video to get a deeper understanding of what your scores mean.

Not taken the assessment yet? Click here to access it.

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